About Final Destiny

UDPATE!!!! – Final Destiny is BACK actively raiding in World of Warcraft.

We returned at the very end of Cataclysm. We got our feet wet in Mythic: Highmaul and are currently progressing in Mythic: Blackrock Foundry. Although…

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6/10 Mythic BRF & 7/13 H:HFC – Recruiting!!!!

6/10 Mythic:BRF & 7/13 H:HFC- LF Healer

We are looking for:

1 GOOD Resto Shaman, Resto Druid, or Mistweaver Monk
1 GOOD Rogue, DPS Warrior, DPS Monk, DPS DK, Warlock

We raid Tues, Thurs, & Sunday from 7:30pm central to…

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