9yr Hiatus


After almost a 9 year hiatus we are inching back into competitive CS. After almost a decade away excuse us if we don’t jump back into ESEA right away. We are signed up for a new league called IGL @ www.playigl.com. Right now the roster consists of Amonstr, Yuuku/Yamotha, Knetsirkw, Hybridzero, Brian “Haeil” Oh, James “Kimstar” Kim from team~Swift fame, and Venezuelan sensation Johnny “Johnny77″ Valbeuna.

Hopefully we can build some solid teamwork and strats and maybe move on to bigger leagues or even LANs in the future.

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Path of Exile – Open Beta ( Jan 23rd )

Path of Exile is an online action RPG set in a fantasy world. It is developed by New Zealand based independent developer Grinding Gear Games and will be marketed as a downloadable free-to-play game supported by “ethical microtransactions.” On January 23, 2013, the Open Beta was released.

The player controls a single character from an overhead perspective and explores large outdoor areas and underground caves or dungeons, battling monsters and fulfilling quests from NPCs to gain experience points and equipment. All areas aside from the central encampments are randomly generated for increased re-playability. While all players play on (currently) one server world the game play outside of encampments is highly instanced providing every player or party with an isolated map to explore...

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Geriatric Unit – Counter-Strike:Global Offensive Team

Geriatric Unit

ROSTER: Yumohgo, Yuuku, Miahn, Hybridzero, Johnny77, Kimstar, McElr0y
GAME SERVER: finaldestiny.game.nfoservers.com:27015 (currently ESEA MotW DM)
VENT: carbon.typefrag.com Port: 35028 Pass: sarebearisbipolar
STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/GeriatricUnit
IRC: #geriatrics on irc.us.gamesurge.net

Looking to play this season in IGL’s 5v5 CS:GO League  AND/OR TWL’s next 5v5 CS:GO League

Sign up on the websites and message Yumohgo/Miahn. We  try to scrim/pug/aim/practice/pickem at LEAST once/twice a week until a season starts.

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Diablo 3ness

Diablo 3 is scheduled for release on May 15th at 12am PST / 2am CST / 3am EST (yes i helped out you special people)

Any former Final Destiny members or guild friends are invited to join us for Diablo 3. Check out the posts in the general forums (you don’t need a forum account to read that one) for more information, or visit the guild page @ http://www.final-destiny.net

In the coming months, we’ll POSSIBLY be revamping the website and the forums to reflect what we hope will be a new game and place for all of us old schoolers to forget whatever it was that drove us apart in the past and remember how much fun it is to game together, and if not there is always FD’s vent to keep you entertained!

Stay tuned and/or msg Yumohgo with questions.

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Diablo 3 – May 15th!!

Since the beginning of time, a war has raged between the forces of the High Heavens and the demons of the Burning Hells. This conflict has time and time again spilled onto the human world of Sanctuary, and this land you are called to defend in Diablo III.

Diablo III continues 20 years after Baal’s defeat in the World Stone Chamber within Mount Arreat, and after the Archangel Tyrael destroys the corrupted World Stone at the conclusion to Diablo II: Lord of Destruction. Though the three Prime Evils have been defeated and the world of Sanctuary has returned to peace, the demons are back.

Two decades have passed since the demonic denizens, Diablo, Mephisto, and Baal, wandered the world of Sanctuary in a vicious rampage to shackle humanity into unholy slavery...

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Heroic V&T 25m Video

Final Destiny’s first Heroic Valiona and Theralion 25m kill, melee top side PoV. To see the full video, click here or on the picture above.

We’re back on top of our game killing Internet dragons!

We have a YouTube channel here for those interested in seeing our other kills. A link to the YouTube page also can be found on the navigation bar to the right of all of our news posts.

This new heroic kill puts us 6/13 25m HM. Stay tuned for more kills!


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Double Dragons Downed

After filling a few open spots in our raid core and with raiders returning from spring break, we got back to serious raiding this week. The hiatus seemed long to some of us more accustomed to serious progression. We stepped into Bastion of Twilight Thursday (3/31) with a full raid group and a longing to put ourselves back on top of the server. We did just that, downing the twin dragons on heroic 25m.

This new boss kill puts us 6/13HM 25m. We’ll continue to push through these hard modes and get a few more new heroic boss kills in soon enough. A new boss video also will be available soon!

That doesn’t mean we’re content with our rate of progress by any means, however. We’re behind our ranking and our pace that we battled for in Icecrown during WotLK...

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Heroic Magmaw Video

Final Destiny’s first Heroic Magmaw 25m kill, DK worm tank PoV. To see the full video, click here or on the picture above. A downloadable full version is available here.

Thanks to Faiye for providing this footage. I would have recorded but it was my first attempt in at this boss, sorry! Spawn more overlords! :)

We have a YouTube channel here for those interested in seeing our other kills. A link to the YouTube page also can be found on the navigation bar to the right of all of our news posts.

This new heroic kill puts us 5/13 25m HM. Stay tuned for more kills!


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Heroic Magmaw Deloused!

Worms, worms, worms! We managed to fight back the forces of the zerg. Er…wait, wrong game. Anyway, heroic Magmaw 25m was downed tonight (3/23) after a few attempts and after the stupid left our raiders.

Luckily it happened to be the first attempt I was brought in for due to others having disconnect issues. Unfortunately, I didn’t get footage of our kill. We should have a video later this week however of our DK worm tank running the Daytona 500.

This new boss kill officially puts us at 5/13 HM. Time to move on to heroic twin dragons! We downed them on 10 man in only a few hours of attempts on an off night during the previous reset. We’re hoping that experience for some of our core raiders will help us regain the edge in 25m progression.


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Heroic V&T 10m

With a  handful of our raiders out on spring break still, we decided to take a 10 man group to Bastion of Twilight and attempt heroic Valiona and Theralion for practice for our upcoming 25 man attempts. By the 3rd attempt, we had it down to 13% and following a few RNG wipes, we downed them within 12 attempts. Sedits got a new tanking helm and Clunt a new weapon. Grats guys.

Soon enough we’ll have this new heroic boss down on 25m this week with the possibility of a video to go along with it. Stay tuned!


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